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About US

MOTORCYGIRLS is a female-driven project that aims to bring the motorcycle culture to Cardano, sharing our love for the roadtrips, the action and the adrenaline!
We have designed this collection with all the love, attention to detail and as much fun as possible, with a lot of cool traits, from the helmets to the accessories and even jacket add-ons.  And there are even some ultra-rare ones! Do you want to be a RIDER? Come join us! 🤍

About us
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The MOTORCYGIRLS holders will have some really cool benefits!

This is one of the ways we found to give back to the community: Our NFTs actually act as a raffle ticket for our WEEKLY prizes. Just by holding our NFTs, you will be able to win from ADA prizes to Amazon/PSN/Xbox gift cards and much bigger prizes that we can't tell just yet. So, the more you hold, the bigger your chance! Yes, the girls here gone wild!


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