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the motorcygirls team



Designer & Project Owner


Ashley (Ash)

Discord & Community



Discord, Community & Communications

Renée has been drawing cool things pretty much since she was born. That passion never went away, and it's her favorite hobby, together with gaming and traveling! She had this idea of creating a cool collection of biker girls, and together with her long-date friends Ash & Adam, MOTORCYGIRLS was born!

Ashley is a gamer who absolutely loves animals and nature. She will be on the Discord server chatting to you all, having fun, and also supporting Renée on the project's development and management.

Adam is a tech nerd who doesn't leave the house too much. He's pretty fun to hang out with, but he always prefers his computer. Besides helping Renée with everything related to MOTORCYGIRLS, he will also be managing the Discord server, which is something he has experience with, and can't wait to have fun with you all!

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